An update from Paula

We are open for Distance Reiki Sessions and in person sessions!!

Distance Reiki Sessions

It may seem strange if you are new to reiki, but healing and supportive energy can easily and effectively be sent through time and space.

Distance sessions are an alternative to in-person sessions. I have been treating many clients using distance reiki over the last several months due to the current state of affairs. These sessions are also convenient if you live too far away to attend an in-person session, if you are unwell and unable to leave your home or if you are in hospital.

Distance treatments are very effective for infants and children, pets and persons of all ages. Reiki is effective in providing pain relief and healing to many challenges. For some people it is more of a physical healing, for others more of a mental, emotional or spiritual healing.


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Reiki Master & Animal Reiki Master

Reiki (ray-key) is a “laying on of hands”/light touch natural healing therapy that is practiced around the world. I like to call it a massage for your energy and soul. 

It is very gentle and non-invasive. The energy is channeled from the practitioner to the client. Reiki is spiritual (not religious) in nature and benefits everyone. Reiki treats body, mind and spirit and works well as a complimentary therapy to other forms of rehabilitation.

During a reiki treatment, the client lies fully clothed on the massage table. The Reiki practitioner places their hands on or just above the client in different hand positions and channels energy into them. This improves and balances the client’s energy and chakras. Reiki improves physical and emotional health.


Reiki is the higher self’s connection to the universal energy that breathes life into all living things. All living things are connected. Our ancestors used and relied on their own abilities and instincts. Humanity in its relentless ambition for progress has given up its most precious and natural gift.

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In addition, reiki also:


  • Promotes physical healing
  • Heals and releases mental and emotional issues
  • Harmonizes and balances chakras and energy
  • Encourages relaxation
  • Provides stress relief
  • Clears underlying causes of illnesses 

Other examples of what Reiki is beneficial for:


  • depression, anxiety
  • self-esteem / self-worth
  • mental clarity
  • problems sleeping
  • pain reduction or elimination (ie. headaches, migraines and lower back pain)
  • making or handling changes in your life
  • trauma, grief, loss
  • pre and post surgery (relaxation before surgery, reduce recovery time, and help with pain management)
  • living with chronic conditions
  • mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing
  • improving immunity
  • individuals in hospice comfort care
  • overall general wellness